Santa Rosa Lake State Park, NM


Daniel Shyles

Monday, March 17th 2014

We didn't have a place planned for the day and considered staying in an RV park in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, a dreary and dusty town.

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Want to swing? Nah, I'm good.

Luckily, we found out about Santa Rosa Lake State Park, 7 miles outside of Santa Rosa. There was no one around on the self pay primitive campsites. Super secluded, up on a hill from the lake. Before we settled down there we went down to the dammed lake (hah) and explored a bit.

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Down by the lake, on the boat drop-in and dock

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 Jonkha throw big stick, ugh

We were practically alone in the park, save for a couple RV's closer to the lake. The owner of one of the RV's was a kind old man who gave us change for the self pay station.

We set up the campsite, it was still really windy from the aftermath of the storm a couple nights before, even in New Mexico. We made some seaweed and mushroom soup and a sweet potato by fire for dinner, and played some Irish music under the stars to celebrate St. Patty's Day. We also did some stargazing with our pair of binoculars, looked at Orion's Nebula and other celestial bodies before a bright orange moon rose behind us washing out most of the stars thereafter.

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Our campsite up the hill from the lake, watch out for cacti!

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 Seaweed & Mushroom soup with a baked sweet potato

Overall a nice quiet place. The bathrooms are well maintained (vault toilet), and the water pump provides some good potable water. We realized that we were there on the parks opening day for the season which validates the vacancy of the place. We're cool with that.

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